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25 July 2017
25 July 2017,

Small Business Retirement Plan Resources

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Choose a Plan

Help with Choosing a Retirement Plan
Resources to help you compare retirement plan options

Tips for Employers Using Pre-Approved Plans
Questions to ask your service provider about your prototype plan adoption and service agreements

Benefits to Starting a Retirement Plan
Why the right retirement plan is your best bet for retirement security

Webcast – Easy, Low-Cost Retirement Plans for Your Small Business
How to start and operate a low-maintenance retirement plan

Operate and Maintain a Plan

Contribution Limits by Plan Type

Self-employed Individuals – Calculating Your Own Retirement Plan Contribution and Deduction

When Can a Retirement Plan Distribute Benefits?

Retirement Plan Reporting and Disclosure
Form 5500 annual reports, participant notices and more

Penalty Relief Program for Form 5500-EZ Late Filers
File delinquent returns and get penalty relief for a reasonable fee

A Plan Sponsor’s Responsibilities
How to keep your retirement plan running smoothly

Types of Plans
Tax rules for SIMPLE IRA, SEP, 401(k) and other plans

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs based on plan type, rollovers, plan operations and design and correcting plan errors

Plan features you may want to consider:

Correct Plan Errors

Correct Your Retirement Plan Errors
Overview of IRS programs to help you fix mistakes in your retirement plan

Fix-It Guides
Find and fix errors for SEP, SIMPLE IRA, SARSEP and 401(k) plans

Additional resources

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